Litigation Support

We provide strategic litigation support to our clients.  Our support ranges from litigation valuation, securing litigation financing, litigation insurance, and support on day-to-day litigation activities.  We can supply a complete litigation review to ensure that our clients are engaged in only potentially fruitful litigations and are valuing actual and contemplated litigations with market-supported expectations.  

Litigation Services

We provide all standard outside litigation services to our client.  Those services include E-Discovery, Forensic Collections, Translations and Document Review.  We manage the collection, processing, analysis, translation, and review of all documents in a litigation.  Our ability to provide these services from a single source coordinates those services and manage costs.

E-Discovery: We provide end to end eDiscovery services including collection, processing, hosting and review. In addition to English language, we have significant experience with Chinese, Japanese and Korean electronically stored information.

Translation: We provide several translation options including word-for-word, summary and machine translation. Our strengths are in Chinese, Japanese and Korean translation projects.

Patent Litigation Management

We provide litigation management from beginning to end. We can help select patents to litigate, identify litigation targets, set budgets, expectations, and secure litigation financing, all before the commencement of any litigation.  During the litigation we can help manage the litigation process from start to finish.