We provide strategic monetization strategies to assist companies and investors.  We only work with the highest quality patent assets which we identify using a combination of proprietary software and hands-on review by experienced professionals with many years of patent acquisition and litigation experience.  

Patent Acquisition

We develop outstanding strategies to identify and acquire exceptional patent assets. We help our clients acquire patents that mitigate the risk of patent assertions and provide worldwide leverage. Our acquisition assistance helps companies before adversarial patent litigation starts.

We use proprietary systems and methods to identify and analyze patent purchase opportunities and then close patent acquisitions. Our proactive approach provides our clients with a highly efficient, cost effective and proven techniques.

We often work with clients of similar interests to pool their funds and negotiate and acquire patent rights at a discount compared to an acquisition by any individual company or investor.

Patent Licensing

We assist our companies by licensing-in IP and licensing-out IP.

We license-out our clients’ existing IP, including IP we have improved for our clients, as well as licensing-out IP that we assist our clients in acquiring.  Often, our licensing-out efforts help our clients to reduce and sometimes even completely recoup the acquisition cost of IP.

We assist our clients in licensing-out its core IP and its underutilized IP.

We license startups, new market entrants, non-infringing and infringing third parties.

We identify the licensing targets, develop a licensing strategy, and execute that strategy.

Patent Portfolio Analysis & Valuation

We provide our clients a highly efficient method of analyzing IP to ensure that our clients acquire only the strongest IP assets and pay below market value for those assets. Often, patent brokers and patent owners undervalue their best IP—we locate those undervalued assets and deliver outstanding acquisition opportunities to our clients.