We provide strategic patent advisory services navigating all aspects of IP and the invention pipeline. We help build inventions; we help acquire the highest-quality IP assets for portfolios; and we partner with investors and companies to bring inventions to market.

Improve and Strengthen Existing IP Assets

We help our clients identify and improve the most valuable IP assets in their existing and acquired portfolios. Strengthening our clients’ IP portfolios provides our customers the greatest return on their IP investments.

Strategic IP Acquisitions

We identify gaps in our clients’ IP coverage and close those gaps with strategic IP acquisitions.

IP for Avoidance and Protection  IP

The frequency of IP litigation and the cost to defend those litigations are increasing.  They are also expanding to become a worldwide problem. We help our clients acquire strategic IP assets to avoid litigation problems, to provide leverage when they arise, and to dispose of them quickly and inexpensively when necessary.  

Litigation Clearance

We help our clients by acquiring patents prior to litigation to avoid legal, settlement and litigation costs.  


We provide our clients insight into patent transactions and acquisitions so that our clients can stay ahead of the knowledge curve and act proactively instead of reactively.